Table of Contents
1. Soul Black Polar Bear
Copyright © 2003
Soul Black Polar Bear
2. House of Louse
Epic of the hip-hop era
1,309 pages
Copyright © 1999
House of Louse
3. The Penis Gang
Stem cell research scientist, genetic, genital breakthrough in urology at the height of the black blaxplotation porno movie making hay day in Hollywood.
356 pages
Copyright © 2004
The Penis Gang
4. Dentist Hopper
A black senior citizen attempts to get his teeth cared for by going from one white dentist to another in the San Fernando Valley.
206 pages
Copyright © 2007
Dentist Hopper
5. Frozen Chosen
A collection of songs we could afford to record.
Frozen Chosen
6. Downloaded with Goodies
A lyrical presentation, representing six hundred and eighty-five original songs for sale online.
1,858 pages
Downloaded with Goodies
7. Nebraska Masquerade
Composed and Performed by Leeeway
Copyright © 1983
Nebraska Masque
8. You Just Wanna Kill the
Ravens...'Cause They Black

A virtually unknown composer's, music business memoir and retrospective conspectus
343 pages
Copyright © 2009
You Just Wanna Kill the
9. U$ Catalog
Sung by U$
Copyright © 1992, 2008 Mom N' Pop Jr. Inc. Mfgs.
US Catalog